TM Building and Real Estate Group® have qualified, experienced and motivated staff including of one chairman, five directors and 5725 stakeholders Australia-wide.

“Providing the right staff for the right job is our company’s priority.”

Chairman – Lucas Donovan

Director – Charlie Simmons

Director – Arthur Cullen

Director – Isobel Butler

Director – Frankie O’Keeffe

Director – Albert MacDonald

CEO – RILEY Henderson

Chief Financial Officer – Charles Barry

Chief Operating Officer – Oliver Maher

Chief Legal Officer – Heidi Ward

Chief Marketing Officer – Albert MacDermott

Chief Compliance Officer – Katie Griffin

Chief Risk Officer – Alfie Bryant

Chief Audit Officer – Maya Fitzpatrick

Development Head Manager – Adam Downward

Chief Human Resources Officer – Sofia Torres

Investments Customer Relation Manager – Amy Wood

Chief Administration Officer – Holly Nolan

Sales Head Manager – Gianni Fazkari

Directors Personal Assistance – Sarah Buckley