TM Building and Real Estate Group® is an investment company that specialises in property developments, land development, and commercial/residential real estate investments Australia-wide. Founded in 1995, we have five directors, one chairman, 5725 stakeholders and 15 offices located in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, and Sydney.


Our success over more than twenty years has been based on the philosophy of quality over quantity to provide high returns for our clients. While we have invested in many projects, each one has been carefully constructed with expertise, skill and contemporary style in mind. Our building process is simple and unified, yet it provides you with the flexibility to individualise project features.


Our team of qualified and carefully selected staff are employed to work on your project and provide you with the best possible results. This approach allows us to deliver consistent results. Our staff fully understand the high-quality and contemporary design standards to provide the highest return on investment.


Your vision is our mission as an investment company – it doesn’t matter how big or how small your project may be, or how easy or complicated. We will fully support you from the start of your project through to completion. We will strive to develop a long-term relationship by consistently deliver the highest quality customer service to you.

Our Vision:
To be the leaders in property developments and commercial/residential real estate investments Australia-wide.


Our Mission:
To lead the industry by:

Providing high and superior returns on investments (ROI)

Offering an outstanding quality of customer service in meeting our clients’ expectations

Representing clients’ interests from the start of a project through to its completion

Motivating our staff to achieve the highest standards of performance.


Our Values:

Flexibility – we remain open-minded at all times and are receptive to change. We welcome difference and practice tolerance.

Leadership – we’re approachable, consistent, and committed to our both our values and to inspiring our team.

Integrity – we act with honesty, respecting the right of all to a fair process. We maintain confidentiality and respect for those we deal with, demonstrating moral strength and courage. We behave impartially and with honour.

Professionalism – we accept responsibility, being accountable to both our customers and ourselves. We communicate honestly, openly and consistently, continually striving for excellence.

Respect – we embrace the diversity that exists within our community. We value opinions, and we appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of others.

Support – we recognise and reward the service of our colleagues by promoting professional and career development. At all times, we strive to care for their well-being.

Integrity –we adhere strictly to a moral code that is reflected in transparent honesty and complete harmony in what our employees think, say and do.